lindsay (subtlesecret) wrote,

justins birthday was yesterday i got him the adam sandler snl dvd, sin city and $30 towards his MP3 player. tonight hes coming home to eat at the Lookout 49 with his family i think im going with them. it was so cute going to parent's day at the teke house.

i have been feeling especially exhausted lately . i never have time to have fun. i always have money but nothing to spend it on and no time to spend it!! i need a license like bad.

homecoming is coming up soon and i cant wait! im gonna be so cold in my dress!! i already know how im gonna do my hair or maybe i should go get it done? idk ill ask my dad

ew. i think i just heard my stepmom flirting with the insurance adjustor and hes not even cute. things that make ya go UUGGHHHH!!! lol

does anyone even read this stupid thing anymore? comment if u do.
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